Thursday, 6 March 2014

Writer's Music

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper__________________
Science in Art: Music

                Music is perhaps one of the most influential media of communication and expression. It possesses the power of communication through its lyrics, found specifically in songs, delivering a message across vast audiences and various people. With this, music is equipped with the power of emotion through its sound and tune- conveying the very atmosphere, style and feeling of the song-writer at that particular moment. This was best exemplified in the song which pertained to the war. Its lyrics were the forefront of what the song wished to convey, but its tune gave a deep sense of emotion brought about by its eeriness and fluctuations of the notes.

                Music is also a form of entertainment. Whether to add to movies, plays or dances, music gives a more enlightened way of expressing things. Imagine if the film Star Wars did not have its theme song? It might not have been as distinct of a film as we know it to be. That makes music a very important element in influencing people. It makes things less vapid and more appreciable, thus people are inclined towards things that revolve music.  

                Music’s ability to communicate and the very fact that songs are a form of literature, makes it a science in itself. This is because it requires, like writing a poem or story, a methodology. Songs are a part of the writers- their ideas and philosophies are placed in their songs, thus providing an avenue for them to share these thoughts to the public. To hear music is to hear the soul of the writer.  

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