Monday, 10 March 2014

“Steel Butterfly”

Imelda is a documentary about Imelda Marcos, the widow of President Ferdinand Marcos. The documentary tells about the life of Imelda Marcos, how she started as a woman who has a great voice and a model who later became the wife of a politician who later became the president of the Republic of the Philippines.
As the first lady, Imelda tried to make herself useful. In the documentary she said that culture is very important so she made projects that will help preserve the culture of the Philippines and be known in the world. She later gained so much popularity. She was also able to built institutions like Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, Philippine International Convention Center, Coconut Palace, and the Manila Film Center and all these buildings are still used nowadays and they have been very useful. Imelda had many projects and has many contributions in the development of the country but like what in the documentary said for Imelda Marcos everything is personal.
Aside from those things, Imelda is most known for her thousands of pairs of shoes. She's the first lady who never goes out without wearing an extravagant dress. She's the type who loves beautiful things. For her, dressing beautifully is her way of being a model for the poor. I don't know why she sees being dressed beautifully will make her a role model. For me, it is just so not right.
After the declaration of martial law in 1972, people began to question the government. They already felt that their rights were already been violated. Many people started to hate Marcos and his wife Imelda. But in the documentary Imelda just said that We never had such a violation of human rights. In fact, we have had no human rights case here in the Philippines, even to this day. “ But even after they Imelda and his husband were accused of corruption and many other crimes against the country, there are still many women who adore her. Many still consider Imelda as a beautiful woman and I think that's because of her being so influential to women.
Despite all the things that they made, Imelda still thinks that she and her husband did not do anything wrong. Up to this days she remains unaffected by all the things that the people say about her. That is why they called Imelda Marcos the “Steel Butterfly”.

Lyka B. Ebreo


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