Thursday, 6 March 2014

Star Complex

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper__________________

                Beneath the façade of a developing cultural identity and the promotion of beautification programs, was a starving country of desolation. Such was Imelda Marcos’s way of freeing the country from negative worldwide reception and blemished reputation. She covered up the face of poverty with structures of questionable integrity. Examples of which were the centers of art and health, which neither the needy nor most of the population were able to use. The construction of these buildings cost millions of pesos- money from the people and from government loans, while only benefitting the rich and the people of Manila. 

                Imelda Marcos denied the public of the true conditions of our county. For example, a filmmaker of that time was interviewed and was asked about the film he made regarding the slums and poverty-stricken areas of the country then. He said that Imelda Marcos herself suggested that if he were to make films, it should be films that would make people of other nations want to be Filipino, and not see how poor the Philippines was.

                 I praise her for having confronted the challenges of her term as governor, but her personality reflected how she managed Manila and how she handled relevant social issues- superficial, flamboyant, and corrupt. It was merely superficial since her projects did not answer the problem of poverty from its root. She provided healthcare and education only until what is sufficient. Her projects were flamboyant because it focused on art and culture instead of providing other productive means of spending the budget such as shelter, urban planning and land distribution.

                With corruption on the scale of national government, having Manila as its center, relations among politicians, businessmen and officers were scandalously venal and dishonorable. The issues regarding the construction projects have yet to be answered.

                Such was Imelda Marcos. She kept blabbering about beauty when what there really is suffering. I consider her lucky for having ‘escaped’ the trials she is facing. 

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