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Rhetoric of Cancer

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Reaction on the “Rhetoric of Cancer”
I always wonder what went wrong. Must it have been because of human evolution? If yes, then where was the fault? One the human killers in world would inevitably be cancer. Many people have died through the years “fighting” it and there those who are called the “lucky ones” that have “survived” the “attack.” Never ever in human history, as far as know, have I found any proven solutions to cure any cancer. I have heard doctors say that once you’ve got cancer, everything will never be the same as it is to you, your body, and the people around you. There can only delay but cannot stop the imminent – either one’s death or a change one’s body as for those who have manage to survive.
Andrew Greystone, as far as the podcast is concerned, is a one of the survivors of cancer – prostate cancer. In his podcast, the rhetoric of cancer, he was searching for the words professionals or scientists would choose to use as a metaphor in describing cancer, what it is and the possible situations it can cause to its patients. He got the notion to make an audio documentary about this because he taken aback by how frank of his doctor to tell him that he has cancer.
People who are going through cancer will be experiencing emotions that will make them too vulnerable and sensitive to the words people use around them. In his search for the metaphors, words like “living with,” “battle,” “survive” etc. kept on coming from those doctors who have had encountered patients with cancers. Words would amount to something that cancer is a war between you and those cancer cells slowly deteriorating your body till nothing is left to. Even Andrew himself sees that while he had cancer, he felt like a “civil war” is happening inside his body and he didn’t want to fight or hate his body so decided to just live with it.
Words may not have direct effect to the health of the concerned patient, but it always better to say things in metaphor for cancer patients to enable them understand in a simple way. It can help them cope up, live with, and accept what they have in their bodies. It would make easy for them to make adjustments in order to, not to be prepared but to be accepting to what will happen. At least, if treatments can’t cure their cases, it can give them a sense of understanding and acceptance of themselves.

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