Friday, 7 March 2014

Of Things She Cannot See

Joezelle Jairah M dela Cruz

Imelda Marcos... When we think of her, we think of a woman who is extravagant, a woman who is pleasure-seeking, a woman who is very hedonistic. We probably think of her as one of the people who used up the country's money for her own personal use.

Upon watching the film, I realize that beauty was of that much importance to her. I agreed when she said that it is not difficult to be beautiful because it is natural. I do not, however, agree with the way she puts her belief into action. We all know she doesn't need to put up an image of a star when she tries to reach out to the Filipino people. Most Filipinos just can't afford to meet the standards she tried to set.

She used lavish parties, elaborate clothing, expensive jewelry, and other things as the standard that Filipinos have to meet. Perhaps she did not see the poverty in our country. She said that her innocence causes her to see only the beautiful things in life. Perhaps her definition of beauty lies in extravagance, lavishness, and elaborateness.

Perhaps she is blinded by her being a material girl. Perhaps she just cannot see the reality of poverty. Perhaps she just chooses to overlook the reality of poverty to make way for her being a material girl.

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