Sunday, 16 March 2014

Music and Science

Ramona Leyretana

            Although one would not normally think that music and science would have a direct correlation with each other, history would prove otherwise. Throughout history, one can see that with the development of science, music has gone along that ride too. With the development of tools and technology that enhance not only the way music has been produced but also for benefit of the listeners as well, music has become indistinguishably ingrained in our lives and in our society.
            From William Herschel, who used his scientific background in astrology in composing his musical masterpieces to contemporary producers such as Pharell, who are adept in the use of synthesizers and electronic sound mixing devices to create beats and flows; one can definitely see how science is intrinsically a big part of the music making process.
            Music with the help of science has enriched our lives through media such as film and television. Imagine living in a world where there wasn’t any background music, imagine how unfulfilling and to a point frustrating scenes wherein the male and female lead share their first kiss would be without a sweeping orchestral musical background or a pop song blasting in the distance.

            As history has proven, the unlikely partnership of music and science has been fruitful, benefitting people with the wonder they have produced together, marrying sounds and sights to create a bigger more beautiful experience. With the unending progress of science and the ever growing presence of music, now only time will tell what this partnership has yet in store for us.

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