Saturday, 8 March 2014

Melodies in Formulae

Joachim R. Sison

Reaction Paper: Music and Science

What interested me the most about the series of music inspired from science was the diverse interpretations and concepts behind each of the songs. Ranging from songs about a ridiculous looking purple alien to an extraordinary date in the universe to the futuristic and grandiose soundtrack of a galaxy far, far away, it can't be doubted that science has indeed had a vast influence, touching on areas not necessarily related to the specific field of research and development, but also forms of the arts such as creative literature and music as well.

The interesting thing though, is that the songs and music created seemed influenced by the more extraordinary parts of science. Most of the themes of the songs are still, for the most part, about fictional topics, or topics yet to have been proven or given solid evidence. For example, in the song about the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater, the idea was centered on aliens, which at the time and up to the present has little or no solid evidence proving their existence (although the possibility of them existing is still there), and in the video of Fly me to the Moon, while there were references to planets, they were depicted in a more romanticized way rather than the systematic scientific description. 

Even though the music is based off science, or inspired by it, the very fact that it was inspired by the science of the time shows science as an important aspect in the creative process, or a sort of way to broaden a person's range of possible topics that may be used as an inspiration. To me, it left the impression that science isn't a completely dull field that deals with hard facts, (although this is a large part of what science is) but rather, also a possible source for the mind to wander and develop new means of depicting music and arts.

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