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In Focus: Hydrogenated Drinking Water

An STS Individual Project by Emmy Lou Borromeo
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Water is very essential to our everyday life. The fact that it comprises 70% of our body composition implies that us, men, have an immense need for it -- may it be for the sustenance of our internal processes or for the maintenance of the things surrounding us.

Drinking water, more so, is a necessity for us. Drinking the right amount of water has long been emphasized. And in one burgeoning thought, drinking the right kind of water is just as important. Hence, gathering some scholarly attention for the past few years.

Hydrogenated drinking water, for a group of scientists, top the list as the best-suited drink for men as it poses great benefits. This article dedicated to knowing more about it is inclusive of:

- a brief peek on the composition of water [1]
- importance of hydrogen in our bodies [2]
- how can hydrogen be activated [3]
- empirical evidence of its efficacy [4]

Water and Hydrogen: A Miracle of Life

Hydrogen, Activate!


Dr. Atsunori Nakao, hailing from the University of Pittsburgh, is one of the more better-known names linked in studies regarding hydrogen-rich water. Below are some of his researches, which he has done with colleagues*:

*except for the last

Though not available largely and not known to many, the hydrogenated drinking water is viewed as a key to significantly improving the well-being of men. More studies are being conducted as a way to cement the status of this drinking water as the right drink for men.


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