Sunday, 9 March 2014

Imelda: The Two Sides of the Mother of the Country

Allanigue, Eric John V.

The documentary presents the growth of Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, from being a typical ordinary girl from the province, to becoming an iron butterfly. One thing that I like about how Imelda had change the history of the Philippines is her giving importance to the Filipino culture. The world, and society, is rapidly changing. As even though we don’t notice it, every little thing is getting modernized. Slowly, our culture, the culture that our ancestors have developed, is going to be gone. Take the Banawe Rice Terraces as an example. Before, it was considered as a great monument to our agricultural heritage. But now, these edifice is slowly being turned to fish pens. At least, during Imelda’s time, as she considers culture as a form of beauty, it was given importance (like the putting up of the Cultural Center of the Philippines).

The bad side of Imelda was evident during the reign of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, as she was not really an example of simplicity, but to extravagance. Not that I take this against Mrs. Marcos, but her giving emphasis of excessive elegance is not the right image of a First Lady for a country which is suffering from poverty. This is a lesson that we must all take into account. When you are placed in an area of power, you should consider that you were placed there to serve the people, and not to take advantage of them and put yourself on top.

As a quotation told by my previous teachers, “When you’re already on top, there is no other way but to go down.”

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