Sunday, 16 March 2014

Imelda Marcos

Ramona Leyretana

            Much has been said about the Marcos family throughout the years, differing opinions from admiration to disgust, but whenever the Marcos family is talked about its matriarch is never forgotten: the infamous Imelda Marcos.
            Topics are endless when the former First Lady Imelda Marcos is talked about for she seems to be such a fascinating creature. Notorious for her collection of shoes reportedly numbering over a thousand pairs, her lavish hand beaded dresses and her philosophy of “beauty” that could prompt her to ramble endlessly about, in my opinion, pure nonsense (as evidenced in the documentary), Imelda Marcos seems to just be in a world all of her own.
            What’s most fascinating though is how despite all the questionable dealings she’s rumored to be involved in as wife of the now-deceased then dictator Ferdinand Marcos, she seems to be oblivious of everything, choosing to ramble on about her innocence and put on a display of incredulity and utter disbelief when asked about her involvement in such things. It begs the questions: Did she really know nothing about her husband’s doings? Did she not wonder where they were getting the money to finance her excessively luxurious lifestyle? Was she a mere victim too of Marcos’ manipulation? Or did she just willingly choose to turn a blind eye on such matters and continue living opulently and decadently amidst the blaring problem of poverty in the Philippines?
            Perhaps we may never know the answers to these questions but it never fails to propel a long winding conversation that most times wouldn’t even get the benefit of a conclusion. Imelda Marcos has made her mark in not only on Philippine history but also on global pop culture and only time will tell whether time would treat her well—or not.

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