Friday, 21 March 2014

Group Project: Storm Surge: Rivendell

More often than not, games are created and played for the sole purpose of entertainment. However, as technology advances, the ends that playing games can give to its users now are almost countless. One of which is learning. We are learning more information at a smaller fraction of time more than ever because of the marriage of gaming and learning.

Our team has explored the possible use of RPG Maker VX Ace, a role-playing game maker program with a drag and drop interface, in educating people about disaster preparedness. We initially conceptualized using the program to make less than lively school lessons more interesting for the students. However, recent calamities and our people`s seeming lack of knowledge about preparing for these prompted our team to explore the former.

The program is especially designed for people not adept in programming, hence very recommendable to the larger portion of the population. Another aim of this project is to let people learn about programs like RPG Maker VX Ace and hopefully encourage them to create games on what they are passionate about—may it be about healthier food choices, safety on the road, safe sex practices, etc. This way of presenting knowledge materials to people sure sounds more interesting, as to the efficacy of these kinds of learning materials however, only further research can tell.

The game we created is easy to play. Use the arrow keys to steer the characters, the Enter button to select, and the Escape button to deselect, delete, and go to the menu while playing the game.

Here is the Link to download the game for free. We hope you enjoy it! But more than that, we hope you learn a lot from it :) 

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