Monday, 17 March 2014

Clodualdo Llana THY Group 1 Reaction Paper Music and Science

Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper
Music and Science

Science was, is and always will be part of human experience; hence, it’s going to be always an inspiration and influence for creative people, music composers in particular, in their creative output based on their experiences, studies and creative imaginations. Art after all is based on science, from color and light principles to sound waves and mathematical tempo. Music is mathematics expressed not through equation but through sensory and emotion.

What I missed in the musical series is our very own “Mayon” by Buencamino, usually part of the encore pieces of the world-renowned pianist Cecil Licad, Buencamino’s grand-daughter. It borrows passages from “Dandansoy”, a Bicolano folksong, to musically describe pastoral imagery before a volcanic eruption, the turmoil and chaos during an eruption, and the tranquility afterwards and back to day-to-day grind…

Music expresses personal knowledge, observations, interests and experiences of a particular composer. The composer of the “The Planets”, Gustav Holst, had leanings in astrology and Camille Saint-Saens, the composer of “The Carnival of the Animals”, studied geology, archeology and botany.

Music reflects the sentiments and prevailing social and cultural conditions of a particular period. “Fly me to the Moon” reflects the Apollo 11 era, landing man on the surface of the moon. Sting’s “Russians” comments on the insanity of the capability of annihilating whole populations during the height of the arms race and cold war.

Music gives a compelling background to movie magic of space crafts zooming through space and time. I can’t imagine the story of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Han Solo with out the music of John Williams. Likewise the adventures of Dr. Spock or the drama in “The Space Odyssey”. I watch in bed downloaded torrents of “The Big Bang Theory” and laugh myself to sleep after the theme song…

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