Thursday, 20 March 2014

Blade Runner

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Reaction on Blade Runner
            The plot of the story was about a retired blade runner Rick Deckhard played by Harrison Ford, being persuaded to take office again because four replicants or cyborgs have gotten lose. He was assigned to hunt them down and bring them back to custody because it was declared illegal to have replicants around. His adventure though the story enabled him to gather more informations and nearly put him to the end of his life. In the end, he was able to survive as he was having a fight between the “boss” of the four replicants.      
            As what the movie has stated in its introduction, blade runners were somewhat amounts to someone who is a police officer except that their field were not to capture mere mortal criminals but to catch cyborgs, persons who are half robot and half human. Considering my expectancy on how the movie would go, I honestly expected that it would somehow be like the batman-like acting and battle but overall, he appeared to be weak, just a mere civilian being forced to solve and take action on a case assigned to him. He was even introduced to be the best there is when it comes to replicants but looking and generalizing the way he had done his case, it appears like it is either he just went rusty, or it really is the natural way he does things. He even endangered his life due to the lack of skills.
            When it comes to the concepts and ideas presented in the movie, there again emerged the common mental construct of people on how the future would look and go. Evident on many movies are the presence of floating objects especially hovering vehicles. Building would change. Many would appear enormous and would have big screens to project something. In the movie of Blade Runner, the main technological advancement that people still today is thriving for ate those replicants, or the cyborgs. It seems that even way before today, even way before where technological access of people were not even as advanced right now, people have always had these kind of ideas that are still remain as ideas as of today.

            Science and technology have high possibility of changing the way people live for the better or for worse. 

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