Monday, 10 March 2014

A Glimpse of "Imeldian" Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. For Imelda, it is natural, an innate virtue. For Imelda, it is one thing that she thought she could enhance in the Philippine society when culture and arts in the local scene have been temporarily lost.

Her grand perception of beauty was narrated in a Ramona Diaz documentary entitled, "Imelda". Picking up pieces from the First Lady herself to her couturier to closest friends to political rival, the film draw a picture of how Imelda used beauty in putting back the elegance that was Philippines. 

Imelda Marcos, perhaps the most popular First Lady of the country, has shed light on uplifting the beauty that is hidden in the Pearl of the Orient. Through her initiated programs and projects, such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, have been a great aid in the success of her attempt to introduce the beauty of the country to the world, and to reintroduce it ultimately to her fellow countrymen.

But beauty based on materialism is not always flawless. Her ardor to make-over the country stemmed from her being too materialistic. As manifested in her flamboyant dresses and extravagant number of shoes and jewelry, she interpreted aesthetics way beyond it should be. With that, she has ignored the essence of beauty-- that aside from being innate, the more important form of it is that beauty unseen by the naked eye.

Sympathy. Empathy. Ability to look genuinely for the holistic welfare of others. Open-mindedness. Humility. Contentment. Honesty. These are but few things that the Imeldian beauty, beyond the outbursts of its shining, blinding light, has not deeply encompassed.

Emmy Borromeo

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