Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Warning: Monster in Disguise

A person can be well-dressed and be groomed like a philanthropic professional, and at the same time be filled with ill intents inside.

This is a prime lesson I have learned after watching the 1935 James Whale film, “Bride of Frankenstein”. The critically-acclaimed movie follows the story of Victor Frankenstein’s and Dr. Pretorius’ “successful” attempt of creating a mate for the Monster. By creating a mate, it means the development of an artificial brain and the revival of a dead woman’s body.

The very intent of these scientists is a violation of moral laws and ethics. Death is a natural phenomenon, and part of the Creator’s intelligent design of the human body. Venturing on the journey of trying to defy death and create life is an absolute immorality, especially when the wonders of science are used to carry out the plan.

Why consider it immoral? Men do not have the power, or the right, to make a living creature out of somebody who is already deceased. Life is considered sacred as it is not a limitless thing. Death is the limit of life on this Earth. This is the law of nature and not men, even through the help of science, can object it. There is a God who owns life— He is the One who can give it and take it away from men. Playing God when you are not even comparable to Him is an absurd job.

Innovation, perhaps, is what men can do. Through the aid of science and technology, the humanity can do ways on how to improve and ease daily living. However, it should be noted that what should be innovated are those things covered by our power. And certainly, life and death are not included.

A poignant reality about this concern is this: some use science and technology for purposes not adhering to that of God’s concept of innovation coming from men. And as what the film depicted, there are these beastly objectives that lie in some, if not most, scientists and inventors.

Emmy Lou Borromeo

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