Saturday, 15 February 2014

Time travel

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of time travel. Now, who wouldn’t be? Just by thinking about the power to go back and change your past or take a peek at your future is already so exhilarating! What more if it can all be possible just by mere usage of a time machine or a special apparatus?

However, I don’t want to sound so pessimistic right now but I doubt very much that scientists will be able to decipher the intricacies of time travel. Perhaps it would be possible in a million years, but definitely not in the near future. There’s just still so much to learn about our world and our universe. Numerous phenomena about the universe are still not yet wholly studied or touched by the human race. There’s an entire galaxy that we still need to understand! Time travel is one concept in Science and Technology that is very much staggering as it is complicating.

The documentary “Time travel: the truth” discussed a lot of theories and concepts that could elucidate how the concept of Time travel can be plausible. These kinds of documentaries are very much interesting and thought-provoking because it opens a lot of possibilities and ideas to people. But the one idea in this particular documentary that struck me the most was the concluding remark of the narrator. According to him, by means of time travel, the past will inevitably change because people will have the power to alter it to their advantage. Now, by altering the past, the future will undoubtedly change also. I could not agree more with this thought (actually this is the only reason why despite the advantages of Time machine, I still am not in favour of it). The entire human race, the entire world, the whole of universe will change. And since I am a firm believer that all the people in this world are connected to each other to some extent, altering one’s past or future will eventually lead to disarray of the lives of others. This only proves that life has its own internal balance.

Time travel, as with everything else in this world, has its own good and bad side. 

♥ Deniese Aninao

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