Thursday, 13 February 2014

Real Monster

                The movie adaptation entitled “The Bride of Frankenstein”, directed by James Whale, is a subplot of the novel “Frankenstein” which was written by Mary Shelley and was published in London in 1818.Frankenstein is a sci-fi novel about a scientist who created a creature, giving it life, and eventually regretting what he did. In the movie, after Victor Frankenstein decided to stop his experiments and leave, Dr. Pretorius tried to persuaded him to continue it. When Dr. Pretorius failed to persuade Victor, he used the creature Victor created to threaten him and held Victor’s wife as a hostage. Victor was forced to work on his experiments again and create a female counterpart of the creature he first made, a mate for it.

            We all know that bringing the dead back to life shouldn't be done by anyone. In the film, the scientists tried to play god by giving life to the dead. As a result of this, they created a ‘monster’. But looking at it, one might think, who is the real ‘monster’? The scientists who ventured the path that shouldn't be touched by science and created this creature or the creature that was made and was called a ‘monster’ because of its appearance?

            These scientist defied nature by performing this experiment. Yes, this could be a help later on and it’s for the benefit of science. But, science has its boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. They also took lives to have materials for these experiments. And the result of this was a creature that kills people. The monster is their responsibility therefore; they are responsible for its actions as well.

            The monster that doesn't have knowledge of this world only acted according to its instincts. He was judged by his appearance by deeming him as monster. But if we were on his place, I think we’re going to act like that too. Moreover, we can somehow call him innocent of his actions.

            Judging them by their actions and the roots of it, I think that the scientists are the real beast and not the creature that they have created.


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