Wednesday, 19 February 2014

God over Man

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper__________________
Frankenstein Bride 

Man explores every corner of knowledge through science. This involves certain methodologies that will bring them discovery or insight to something new. Through these methodologies, however, some laws of ethics and bounds on morals are broken. It is important to realize these limitations in order to use science in the right manner.

Dr. Frankenstein in the film and book violated an important reality of life:  that death is the end of the road. Everyone dies at one point and that is life should not be returned after death because God has given us a definite time to live. The consequences of his actions brought about destruction. Aside from this, his colleague was obsessed with the new found power to revive the dead. In other words, he was obsessed with the power of God. This is what trying to go above or equal to God does to people. They forget that not everything can be explained by science and not everything can be done by man.

Mankind is able to carry out conversations and use knowledge to do his activities, the monster, on the other hand, cannot. The monster was made dumb because the movie was trying to imply that the undead is an inferior life form- a primitive creation of man compared to the living things that God has created. The movie was successful in portraying this because of the monster’s characteristics.

In the end, good prevails and the wrong outcome of Dr. Frankenstein was removed. With that, it is important to keep in mind the ethics surrounding scientific work through the limitations bounded by God.

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