Thursday, 13 February 2014

Frankenstein: Of monsters and issues on morality

If I can remember it clearly, I have read the book Frankenstein during my elementary days and oddly enough I remember Frankenstein as a good person, or rather, a good monster despite his atrocious features. It’s just that he’s not really normal and people would always misunderstand his deeds because he’s not like them. His inability to carry a decent conversation didn’t help him either. However, I think that beneath his ravenous ways is a person with a soul and a heart that can feel.

The movie “The Bride of Frankenstein” was such a melancholic movie. I feel so dejected after the film because it ended with Frankenstein dying sad and innocent people dead because of scientists who tinkered irresponsibly with science. Albeit its immensely good effects to the lives of many, Science and Technology, if used recklessly, can also be instrumental in destroying and causing tribulations everywhere. As cliché as it may sound, Science really has its boundaries that we cannot ever tread. As what was reiterated and shown a million times in movies, various publications, lectures and seminars, playing God will only lead to trouble. People must know when to start and stop.

On another note, I was really impressed with the kind of technology that was shown in the film. The machines and other equipment that Victor and the other crazy scientist used looked very detailed to me. If I am not mistaken, the film was shown in the year 1935. It was really nice to learn that technology back then was already good and they even used electricity to revive the life of the woman monster. I am reminded of a medicine apparatus, defibrillator, which doctors use to restore normal heartbeat by application of an electric current. So to some degree, the concept of bringing back life to the "dead" holds truth. 

♥ Deniese Aninao

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