Friday, 24 January 2014

Trip to the Moon

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper__________________
Trip to the Moon

                Having lived in a time of war, turmoil and negligence to a peaceful future, it would have been rare to encounter such innovate and exciting technology such as the motion picture. It would be an awe-inspiring experience to witness pictures come to life and portray scenes of imagination as well as everyday events through a screen. It is amazing what Georges Méliès has done in order to create these scenes- from the actors to the effects. Each cinematic element added realism to this the film. The atmosphere that was created was life-like; the portrayal of the actors proved authentic. It is indeed a product of creativity combined with technology.

                “Trip to the Moon” would have sparked my heart like a kid watching a magic show. Fiction told through moving pictures made everything seem realistic. Filled with speculation as to how the effects, characters and events came to life, I would have immediately thought everything to be real. I would ask myself many questions regarding the truth of the film. How did these wizards create a rocket? What were Martians doing before the wizards arrived? Can man really go to Mars and discover new things? If pictures say a thousand words, what better story can motion pictures say?  

                Such form of entertainment would have filled me with thoughts of the future. Anything would seem possible because of what the motion picture can create- a sense of realism. The camera that captured this film represents skill-required technology since its use would demand a person who knows how to perfectly depict the scenes at every angle. Georges Méliès was able to do just that. With nothing but his imagination, he would have been master of the film.  I would definitely come back to see more of his films to come.

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