Friday, 24 January 2014

Time Travel Technology: Let’s Give it Some Time

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

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Time Travel

                Time travel is often associated with science fiction because it is normally difficult to believe that the concept of travelling through time is possible. Many of the theories presented in the documentary were largely theoretical, and if applicable, allow time travel for only a short distance to the future. Due to lack of space exploration and discovery, physicists are merely using intuition and the principles of physics in order to explain the possible ways by which we could utilize space and time here on Earth in order to travel through time. The best means to understand time travel more is if we are able to get a close look at black holes, wormholes, and cosmic strings. Creating such phenomena in artificial environments require expensive research and numerous amounts of energy.

                Time travel is a very promising technology that could possibly be the answer to every problem. Transportation (including delivery of goods and services), communication, mass production and exploration can all be sped up using time travel. However, this also poses other implications, among them, the effect of the actions of a time traveler on the events of the past or the future. With uncertainty such as this, can the benefits of time travel outweigh its plausible consequences?

                This technology is barely in its embryonic stage that we must give it some time. Perhaps it is in the future that we will be able to find the necessary energy required to power a vehicle that will travel the speed of light or a machine capable of creating wormholes right inside a room. I do not reject the ideas and theories revolving time travel; however, with the current set-ups available, it is presently impractical. The documentary, still, says one truth about time travel: that although it may not be the technology of today; it will inevitably be the technology of tomorrow. 

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