Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Time Travel: Is It Really Inevitable?

Allanigue, Eric John V.

As scientists continue to unravel the concept of time travel, are we expecting to see a time machine any day now? In the documentary, the possibilities, and probably future innovations in technology, which is time travel, was analysed.

The idea of time travel isn’t new to us. I even remember watching “Back to the Future” with my parents during my childhood. At this stage, being able to ride a car, then appear in a different time, is a bizarre thing. The idea that you could look back into the past, and go forward to the future is an adventure worth taking.

But the limitations of our science’s physical means prevents us from creating the things that would make all these possible. As mentioned in the documentary, to be able to travel through time, you should at least achieve the speed of light. But as you get this fast, your mass is said to increase exponentially. How could you compensate for this? This is what our modern scientists pondering on.

But to think of it, being able to travel back and forth in time, is really an exciting thought. Maybe one day, you’ll just see, the used-to-be telephone booth is now a time portal. What can you say?

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