Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is an American series created by Rod Serling. It is a series of unrelated stories. It started in the 1950s. The Twilight Zone’s episodes have different genres like drama, science fiction, fantasy, and suspense or horror.
If I were to make an episode of the Twilight Zone, it will be about the current issues in our society. It will be about what is happening with the people especially the young ones.
First, many people nowadays want to enter politics. Many politicians entered politics because they want to help other people but there are also many politicians who entered politics just because of money. It is sad to think about it but somehow it’s the truth. Also there are already so many politicians who were celebrities and who are still celebrities. There are many politicians who entered show business in order to gain popularity and later on will enter politics.
Second, with the advance technology nowadays, people are more dependent with gadgets and machines. People can already communicate with each other easily with the use of cellphones or the internet, but there are some people who use the internet to ruin other people. Also some people are so addicted to social networking sites. 
The main character in the movie loves to read books but people nowadays have different addiction. They don’t already read books because there are addicted to computer games especially children who already won’t do errands because they want to play computer games all day. In society today, we can rarely see young people who obey their parents or the elders. Some children don’t already respect their parents. It may be because people nowadays have more freedom and young people also believe that they have freedom to do the things that they want.
With the issues in our society nowadays, this episode of The Twilight Zone will make the viewers feel different emotions.

Lyka B. Ebreo


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