Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Rhetoric of Cancer: A Different Perspective

Allanigue, Eric John V.


The podcast of BBC entitled "The Rhetoric of Cancer," Andrew Graystone explores the different fields in which the language of cancer is used. Is "battle" really appropriate when referring to one experiencing cancer?

To researchers and scientists, proteins and molecules make more sense than a battle. To marketing specialists, cancer is a menace that must be killed. And to others, it is a part of them, and that they have to live with it. But for me, having a disease like cancer, it must come from you to decide on how you deal with your condition.

People usually say to a patient that, "You are strong, you can fight it." But for some, it is really hard to deal with it. But if one thinks that, he or she is indeed, strong enough to face cancer, there will be a high chance that he or she may recover. It is just mind over matter. But we shouldn't think of having cancer as a disability.

For some people, it is during these times of distress that people have change of hearts, and be a better person. So, if it weren't for the disease, they would still be their old selves. That's why viewing cancer in a different perspective may or may not do good for a person, but it would definitely give them new definition of living.

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