Sunday, 5 January 2014

Into the Future

A Reaction Paper for Futurama

Future… the time yet to come.

The first episode of the science fiction sitcom Futurama, Space Pilot 3000, was very fun and interesting. The main character Fry is a boy from the year 2000 who fell into a cryogenic pod. He was frozen inside the pod for 1000 years and re-awakes in the year 2999.
Fry felt happy about being in the future even though being in the future means that his parents, friends and girlfriend are already dead. He was a delivery boy in the year 2000 and when Leela, the career assignment officer, told him that his job will still be a delivery boy he refused to accept the career chip. Fry tried to escape from Leela and he succeeded when Leela fell into the cryogenic pod where Fry fell into 1000 years ago. But Fry helped Leela and set the timer to five minutes instead of 1000 years. This part of the episode tells the viewers to be good even to your enemies. This episode is also about friendship because in this episode Fry met this robot named Bender who is programmed to bend girders for suicide booths. They became friends together with Leela. At the end part of the episode, Professor Farnsworth, Fry’s distant nephew, gave Leela, Bender and Fry new jobs. Even though Fry doesn’t feel good being a delivery boy, he still felt happy when Professor Fansworth assigned him as a delivery boy in his Planet Express.
This episode shows that in the future, there will be advance technology. There will be machines and gadgets that will help people in their everyday living. People can transfer to different places easily. There will be no more traffic. But so much advancement in technology can cause people to be enslaved by machines. People can be so much dependent in machines that they can’t already do things on their own. Also, in this episode time traveling is possible. A person can time travel and the place where he’ll go may change but the person will stay the same.

Lyka B. Ebreo


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