Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ideal and Absurd

Travelling to the moon? It seems interesting but scary as well because of many uncertainties. Using a canon to fire a capsule to the moon seems like a good idea. If a canon ball can travel a long distance maybe a capsule, that can hold a man inside, can as well, if there’s a canon strong enough to propel it to the moon. The idea of the moon having a face of a man is absurd but since no one has reached the moon yet, I wonder how it looks. Is the terrain like this of the movie, with large mushrooms, craters, and caves? What about the conditions for survival there? And are there inhabitants? Probably not like those green aliens that look like sea creatures. Some of the ideas in the film were absurd, like the man in Saturn, Phoebe being a real lady, the stars of the big dipper having faces, and their telescopes turning into stools all of the sudden. I don’t know if this film is a science fiction or a way to ridicule science.

It would be great if we could send man into the moon. That way we could be certain of these things. A great leap for man indeed! Those who’ll be able to reach the moon and come back will be treated as heroes like that of the film. Such technology might be possible in the future as science develops even more.

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