Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Reaction on: Futurama

As far as I understood the pilot episode of Futurama, it had vast ideas of the future. The common things shown as a vision of what the future would turn into were the presence and invention of floating vehicles, towering skyscrapers, teleportation devices, robots as butlers and maids etc.
            Well, it seems like many people have the same mentality on what the future would be. Comparing the human advancement of modern technology today from those years where we have ever first discovered mathematics, we all could agree on that there is already a really, really big improvement. I just wonder what would happen in 20 years’ time or so? What would be the next things humanity could give the whole world for a change? Would it result to something of great relevance or would it just contribute again to the ill effects as consequences from technology’s failures and success? Well I’d like to imagine that things would turn like what the pilot episode of Futurama had shown. It’s like what people had expected it to be.
            The advancement we make today can simply shows our potentials on what we can do to change the future the way we do things or in general, the way we live.

            In the movie, it’s quite a laugh to know that the main character, Philip Fry, is still assigned as a delivery boy after many years of being cryogenically frozen. He was as it was told by a device in that time that determines what specific job that suits an individual.  The story twisted when he refused his fate, which is considered a crime in their context, and made a turn in his life.
            What happened to Philip Fry isn’t technically time travelling, well it appears to be in his perspective by just imagining being unconsciously frozen for a moment and after a second, you got revived and seeing a big physical change in the world. Actually, he was just frozen as I said, cryogenically. His body was preserved for two thousand years.
            The creative and imaginative minds of humans have force themselves and formed a bridge that could transform them into realities. It is what formed us, society and the physical world that surrounds us today. What appeared at first to be a mere innocent dream turns to everybody’s wants and needs. So our mentality to what the future will be is not really from our reach. 

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