Thursday, 16 January 2014

Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper
Trip to the Moon

If I were present at first screening of “Trip to the moon”, I would marvel at its technical innovations. Its special effects and tricks through a static cinematograph would have enough to amaze me. The intricate sets and elaborate costumes created a dazzling sequence of tableaux. The choreography of some sequences is rather chaotic but it added grandeur to its fantasy. And the colors! Painted frame by frame, it would have left me mesmerized.

If I were present at the first screening, I would have probably read Jules Verne and would be enthralled to see a fantasy adventure story in moving colored pictures. It would take decades after for a man to actually set foot on moon, but the fantastic science fiction would have set my imagination wild. It’s more than half a century before the film Star Wars and more than a century before the movie Gravity and a space craft to land on Mars, and I would have been clueless how far advances in film technology and science in general would be. I would have not believed, or have much doubts at the very least, that a science fiction at my time would later on become real.

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