Monday, 13 January 2014

An Advance and Dangerous Future

Futurama is a sci-fi sitcom that views the future (the year 3000) as an ideal and at the same time terrifying millennium. With innovations in technology such as hover cars, transport tubes, robots, and, spaceships, life would surely be easier. This projects the hopes and expectations of the makers of Futurama, and probably many of us, by the year 3000. But inventions like the suicide booth and the career chip, showed us the fears of having these advances in technology and the changes that it will bring. Imagine having suicide booths on almost every street where you only need 25 cents for the process to be done. A person gets frustrated with life, gives up, and enters the suicide booth then dies as simple as that. It shows the light attitude towards death on the 31st century. A career chip, on the other hand, denotes the job someone is qualified to do. This shows how our freedom to choose is taken away from us by letting computers to analyze our abilities and therefore choose our career path. In a way, we can view ourselves nothing more than a remote controlled vessel. Time travelling has always been an interest ever since and many have done experiments about it. Time travelling to the future, to many, would mean getting to see the advances in technology that period has and a fresh start, but what if you came into the future but it’s not what you expect it to be? Say, the world is in ruins after being attacked by aliens or, to be more realistic, it’s in ruins after having many natural calamities. Doesn’t sound fascinating, does it? In Futurama, Fry expected change in his life after getting frozen for one thousand years but when he woke up, even after many changes in the world, he still ended up with the job of being a delivery boy. The possibilities of the future are endless. As human beings living in the present, we must make sure that the future doesn’t end up frightening and dangerous. Gazelle Anne L. Garcia 2013-70202

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