Friday, 24 January 2014

All The Time

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper__________________
The Twilight Zone

                The great equalizer is death; the only thing which sets us apart is that time that death will come. The H- bomb was a great threat of the 20th century- with the ability to take thousands of lives, those with control of this weapon, controls power as well. Destruction and warfare were such common themes at that time that it would take political unity and technology in order to prevent the loss of lives and promote, instead, health and population growth.

                If I were to make an adaptation of the Twilight Zone episode, I would focus on the idea of medicine and recovery from the war and destruction. Instead of Henry losing his glasses, he is able to read the books in the library and finds enlightenment. He hopes to find a solution to all the problems through the books he is reading and the remaining resources available at his disposal. He meets survivors as he searches the scorched land and provides them with medicine that he has created using the knowledge of treating the effects of radiation. He also uses the knowledge he has gained in order to promote peace and regain the life he had before.

                Henry meets a new woman among the survivors who also loves reading. He decides to marry her and together they write a journal of the events which took place after the bomb was landed. Books were the only form of entertainment available but were also the only way for man to leave his legacy. With their writing, they hope for history not to repeat itself for the society they were living in was already a peaceful one.

                Before Henry dies, he published his findings on medicine which would eventually alleviate the problems caused by destruction and bring back the number of people. 

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