Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Voyage to the Budding Brilliance of Motion Picture through A Trip to the Moon

If I were born a century and a half earlier, I would have been very fortunate to witness the budding years of the motion picture technology.

The 1902 Georges Melies film entitled A Trip to the Moon is a celebration of creative and innovative minds. From the story’s concept itself to the visual interpretation, anyone would have been entertained and immensely amused after watching the movie.

The story of the film follows the adventure of scientists who voyaged to the moon through a canon. In their stay to the earth’s satellite, they encountered the inhabitants of the moon and were enslaved by these creatures alien to them. Fighting their way out of the captivators’ abode, they were able to fall from the moon and come back to their home.

The plot revolving around men’s travel in the space is truly avant-garde especially when it was not really possible to go beyond the earth at that time. What makes the movie more interesting is the technique the filmmaker used – he painted the motion picture frame by frame! 

The message of the story was lucidly conveyed through the intricacy of the design, the characters’ costume and environment, and the intellectual incorporation of music as the acoustic aspect of motion picture technology was not yet discovered.

Creating this kind of movie entails a lot of artistic juices, dedication, time and money. If not for this effort made by the pioneers of filmmaking, we could not have watched the highly advanced movies in our generation today.

Emmy Borromeo

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