Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Trip To The Moon

"A Trip to the Moon" is a french silent film directed by pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès released in the year 1902. This film, at that time, was considered one of the most technologically innovative ever made.
If I were part of the audience when this film premiered, I would certainly be amazed at how the filmmaker was able to create such sequences frame by frame. I would also think of the whole "going to the moon and meeting aliens" premise to be purely fictional since travelling in space was not at all possible at that time (it would take half a century after the film's release for the success of man to travel in outer space to become a reality). Considering this, I'd applaud the filmmaker's highly original concept of space travel at that time.
The movie would also prove to be entertaining seeing as even in the present time when CGI has become the norm in movies, I had a pleasant time viewing the rather rambunctious journey of six brave scientists to the moon.

Ramona Leyretana

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