Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Fancy Tale from the Twilight Zone

If I were to create an episode for the American series Twilight Zone, the plot will revolve around the heightened deception that persists today and how the powerful use technology to advance their interests.

The main character will be an old man who spends his afternoon in a coffee shop, wherein he becomes a witness of the ups and downs of people from different walks of life. From the conversations of the coffee shop goers, day by day, he will be able to weave various storylines with a common denominator-- injustice and deception incorporated with the use of technology.

One businessman cheats his partners through the help of a computer hacker. One high school girl being outcast because of her lack of "technological wisdom". One writer of sci-fi fantasies who robs stories from his comic-addict bestfriend.

From these individuals' stories, he will remember what it was like in his younger years-- what it was like when business partnership is more than just a formal relationship but that kind wherein you can be friends, and you will feel guilt if you cheat them; what it was like when a highschooler's self-esteem is not affected by the others' use of hi-tech gadget; what it was like when originality and friendship are highly-valued.

There will be realizations about how human values should be treasured in spite of technological innovations. The episode aims to touch that part of the people's being who yearns for both the past and for the future, without fully compromising the other.

In the end, that old man will go back to his home, and will write to his online journal about his observations.

Emmy Borromeo

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