Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Third Quarter Quell: A Reaction to Catching Fire

          The second installment of The Hunger Games had indeed made me realize things.

The said movie can be classified as science fiction. If you had already seen it, it depicts the high level of developed technology, which is not yet seen around our present time. I have seen some of these technological advances in some fiction movies. Not only was it about the games, the arena, the control center. Even the clothing of Katniss and Peeta (even from the first movie), which was provided by Cinna showed a technical level of sophistication. Setting your dress on fire, or completely changing your clothes as you twirl is really beyond bizarre.

          From the beginning, as I told my friend, the feeling of the movie had seemed very heavy, probably because of the turnout of events. The movie depicts not only the past, but the present, and possibly the eminent future.

I can only see one thing seen in the whole movie: the concept of REVOLUTION. This is not a new ideal, especially in the Philippines. The flow is always like this: (1) There will be a person or a group that would gain control of power and exercise authority over-all, then (2) a known event would wake up the fire of self-redemption within the individuals, and finally (3) start up the revolution and begin the change. President Snow is afraid that the districts would start to rebel against them, and therefore would want the immediate removal of the 74th HG Victors out of the picture of the uprising revolution. Same thing happens in our society today. The ones in power are trying to suppress those who are trying to bring the truth out… The truth that would open the minds of the people.

          In the world driven by the Hunger Games, S&T must be used to its highest potential for it to be beneficial to the society. Given the proper use of the technology present within the districts, any movement for change would cause a dramatic impact. If it will only be used for the purposes of instilling fear within the minds of the people, there will come a time that you would fall.

Eric John V. Allanigue

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