Tuesday, 10 December 2013

“The Fly”

                The 1958 science fiction film “The Fly” is very interesting because its plot is very different to other old films. Although it’s a little bit creepy and weird, the film was still entertaining.
                The film shows that Scientists are curious about almost everything. They usually spend most of their time in their laboratories, doing experiments and trying to discover new things, like the main character in the film, Andre, who spend very little time with his family because he’s making a “teleporter” which he believes will help people to go to many places easily. I think this film is a morality play because Andre, the scientist, tests if the teleporter that he made really works by teleporting himself but he didin’t know that a fly was also inside the teleporter. Andre’s head and arm became the head and arm of the fly and the head and arm of the fly became Andre’s head and arm. At first, Andre asked his wife to help him find the fly but at the later part of the film Andre asked his wife to kill himself. This part of the film tells us that we should not use living things, especially human beings as test subjects.
                This film reflects that people’s view on Science and Technology during the 1950s is almost the same with people’s view on Science and Technology nowadays. Scientists in 1950s also try to create things like the machines that we use nowadays. It just shows that even the people decades ago think that Science and Technology is one of the things that will help people have a better life. 

Lyka B. Ebreo

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