Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Fly (1958) Reaction (Cortado, Kyle Jude M.)

REACTION ON “The Fly” (1958)
Cortado, Kyle Jude M.

            Science, Technology, and the Society each are interdependently connected with each other. It means that neither each of one is inevitable to influence the other as time goes and progress.

            Today, human’s cognitive abilities to have reach the point which was used to be impossible to achieve. Handy gadgets, very handy ones, vehicle innovations, and other modern world advances in Science and Society are big things which should not be treated of less care and instead continue and prosper. Comparing it to the “primitive” days wherein people are just starting to develop, it would make oneself feel proud and amazed of the capacity and capabilities what we humans have.

            Watching the movie “The Fly” (1958), I got so amazing how people even back those years were so creative and imaginative in the possibilities of overwhelming ideas and concepts of Science. It was so interesting to notice how evident still are the ideas of what people aim to invent – in movie, the impossible teleportation device, or so they say.

            In the field of Science, there are things needed to be sacrificed in order to achieve what is aimed. In the movie, the life of the Scientist Andre DeLambre was the consequence in his journey of finding the “truth.” This just means that the ideas that we are aware of in the modern natural world are products of the sacrifices of the scientist that has preceded us. In contributing to the society, either beneficial or harmful, have some consequences along the way and it is just right to give credits to the people who took the risks by intention or by chance.
            It is not a morality play because there are moral ways of settling the problem like it is better to keep the fly instead of killing it knowing that it was in the appearance of Andre. I would say it was rather a logical approach because they know no solutions to fix things and turn it back the way it used to be and the inspectors authority in the story would be questioned of they were to tell somewhat a farfetched tale of the crime.


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