Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Reading the Fine Print (Catching Fire Reaction Paper)

by Joezelle Jairah M dela Cruz

The ‘Catching Fire’ movie adaptation of the book is a science fiction film because it is based on imagined future scientific and technological advances. The movie presents the advanced technologies of Panem like force fields, holograms, and other things. Also, District 3 is known for its research and production of new technology while District 13 employs nuclear technology.

The movie can also be seen as a reflection of present human society. The difference between the lifestyles of the people who live in the Capitol and other districts is defined. The citizens of the Capitol are stylish and fashionable. They are rich and powerful. Technology is also very important in the Capitol. The citizens of the other districts, on the other hand, are poor and are rebellious towards the Capitol government. They are starving and the technology present in the Capitol doesn't help them. We can see the same when we take a look at the difference between the rich and the poor in our country.

Science, technology, and society failed the 13 districts mainly because the line between the rich and the poor is thick. The Capitol has the right science and technology to ensure the progress of the districts but their government chose to use the technology to take the districts for granted. Also, their society is an elite society that does not pay attention to the needs of the poor people.

With that, the movie isn't for entertainment alone. It also shows what kind of society we have today, and the horrible future we might get someday.

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