Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Reaction Paper for Catching Fire

Gazelle Anne L. Garcia

1.       The Hunger Games Trilogy is considered a Science Fiction for it was set in the future in which numerous scientific developments and inventions are innovated. There are technological elements that were very evident in Catching Fire such as the force field which was used as a divider and the cover of the dome itself. At the present, the concept on force fields are known of but, the usage is not as how is portrayed in the movie.

2.       The film is definitely a commentary on the future human society. A major evidence for this was that the continent of North America which is the setting of the film has been conquered by a new government which established a country which is Panem. They also have hovercrafts which are believed to be the future of our airplanes nowadays. Furthermore, the people of Panem have learned the technique of controlling the weather in a particular area of the country. Personally, I also believe that the film reflects the future for the abundance of resources has become scarce unlike what we have today. I believe that if people continue to abuse the nature, we would all experience hunger in the future.

3.       The good part in the whole of Panem was that there are different resources available on the districts. However, the problem with them was that they are not able to equally distribute and exchange their resources with one other to fulfill their needs. The most successful district would be the 13th for they were able to restore their living and prepare well for wars.

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