Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Reaction Paper: The Fly

I have watched The Fly when I was in high school and I must say it totally left a huge impact on me.  So much that I could still vividly remember some horrific and disgusting scenes of the film. However, despite its highly disturbing concept, it certainly was interesting and entertaining for me. To begin with, it is very fascinating to learn that the idea of teleportation was already extant during the 1950s. Moreover, regardless of the lack of high-quality effects, I think the film still succeeded in relaying its message to the viewers.

The protagonist’s (a scientist and inventor) curiosity prompted him to build a machine that’s designed for teleportation. He was so determined to make the machine work that he did everything, including “ending” his own life. The film presented morality and ethical issues in scientific research and experimentation. There was this scene wherein he used a dog as his subject for teleport. What ensued was so horrendous it almost made me puke. However, the most serious incident was when Andre, the protagonist, used himself as the subject of his own experiment. An accident transpired during the teleportation resulting to him becoming a “human fly”.

These incidents only proved that there will always be negative repercussions to our actions if we are not cautious about it. Furthermore, the film also showed the boundaries when it comes to scientific research and experimentation. It will always be considered immoral to use human and animal subjects to experiments.

The film showed how Science and Technology back then was already emerging in the sense that a concept such as teleportation (a bit related to time travel) was already being studied.  However, the quality of technology before was not so much as high compared to today. Nevertheless, technology was and still regarded as something that could help improve and destroy the lives of people. 

-Deniese Aninao ♥

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