Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Reaction of Catching Fire (Cortado, Kyle Jude)

            The second movie, Catching fire, of the Hunger Games trilogy has now recently been released for cinema viewing. As of the moment, it is not only gathering more and more viewers, but also comments of both kinds, positive and negative. For myself, it is possibly because even though there are new twists in the Games, the movie lack something what I call the “kick” or something clicmactic that would satisfy my expectations of the movie.
            “Let the 75th annual Hunger Games begin!” these were the words of President Snow as he announces the start of the Games. Hovering crafts, death arena with invisible force fields, hologram-projected televisions – those are just few technologies I can remember that was featured in the movie. Validating the movie’s “genuiness” through those techs, I guess it makes the film science fiction because none of those are available to the world currently and still remain as concepts.
            I am inclined to watch first the movie before reading the book because it helps my imagination of the events and situations in the story. But due to some spoilers, the rebellion against the Capitol’s oppressions upon the districts happened again as found in the third book. Headed by the secretly hidden district 13, the rebellion was slowly planned out underground.
            Thinking about the ways the Capitol force minors to kill each other in an arena in form of a game depicts what used to happen in colonial eras. Of course, it is still evident today and still possibly is in the future. In Philippine context, few examples are our uprising against the Spanish empire and what made the Philippines so famous was the People power revolution against Marco’s regime of dictatorship.
            Desire to own private property and gain freedom is a common nature found in humans, even still today. Unfortunately, many of us want the same thing and mainly because of this, competition against each other arise. Consequences are chaos, battles, wars and death.
            War has always been the usual way means of settling problems between two or more opposing forces as evident in our history. In our context today, riots and rallies are just few of their forms. As long as oppression is present, the opposed will likely guild up against it.
            Each district has its own designated job description just like in District 11 for Agriculture, in District 4 for Fishing, in District 3 for factories. Likewise in District 12 for coal-mining. Science, technology and society succeeded in the part of the production of the commodities which are delivered straight to the Capitol and the part where the forming and planning out of the rebellion. I say these because people are able to think and make innovations of ideas.

            Fact or fiction, this story has implication or significance. It is never good to let hatred reside in the people you rule. It can be nasty once people realize they have the power how things go around them. Together, they will rise up for what they think is right.

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