Friday, 6 December 2013

Of Success and Tragedy

by Joezelle Jairah M dela Cruz

The 1958 film ‘The Fly’ was very interesting. It presents the issues regarding the conduct of science and matters of morality. It also presents issues regarding the family and values. It was entertaining because the plot showed what it means to be a scientist at the same time a husband and father.

The film presented a successful teleport machine which later on caused a dear scientist to put an end to his life because of his experimental mistake. I consider the movie a morality play because the plot revolves around the mistake committed by the scientist when he teleported himself without knowing that a fly was with him. The film showed that scientists can be very excited when their invention works that they sometimes make too risky decisions to ensure that the invention works perfectly or to improve the invention and its output. The film also showed the importance of keeping one’s values and morality especially when dealing with matters of science. The film also presented the difficulty of deciding whether the resulting creatures were things or men.

The movie shows the people’s belief that science must not be used in playing God. Neither should scientists take too many risks, such as experimenting on living creatures, for the advancement of science and technology. It reminds us that our morality must always be kept in our minds as we conduct experiments for the advancement of science.

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