Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fly on the Wall

With all the detailed rendering and graphic effects of today's time, it's no surprise that I found the movie 'The Fly', made more than 50 years ago, rather boring and generally lacking in terms of grabbing attention. Considering the standards of the time, however, I suppose this would count as one of the most top notch movies during that era.

With that mindset, I could say that it was an interesting movie in terms of the concepts they decided to explore, namely teleportation, but it wasn't very entertaining in the sense that there was very little action to be seen in the movie. The effects seemed detailed enough for movies made during that time, and with considerations to the budget the movie industry had during that time, but fell extremely short of the terrifying impression it was supposed to give. The fact that teleportation seems to have been popular even during the 1950s shows the creativity and the idea that science is a field that was barely tapped into at that time.

The film has undertones of commenting on what supposedly is the border between ethical and unethical in terms of scientific research, as it touches on things such as animal and human experimentation. It seems to convey the message that there are limitations to what would be considered ethical treatment, personified particularly by the wife, who was adamantly against human and animal subjects in the experiment. The overall impression is that science is a powerful tool, however it is easy to go astray and push into dangerous, and often deadly territory due to the lack of knowledge about it. In the end however, it underlines the idea that the pursuit of research is noble and for a good cause, but must be taken with caution and consideration.

Joachim Sison

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