Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper
Catching Fire

Catching fire is a science fiction that reflects past and present day social structures and behavior. It depicts a world in which technological advances is not yet existent in the present but is based on current scientific knowledge. Though it is science fiction in technological aspect, it’s science in the realm of the social sciences. It represents social structures in present and past dispensation. It reflects the current human individual and social behavior when it’s confronted with adversity and conflict. It shows sacrifice and self-preservation, trust and distrust, love and hate and independence and interdependence for the common good. It is this conflicting forces that drive the film…

It is a commentary on existing reality shows and newscasts and how that blurs the line between the real and the reel. The Quell, as in previous Games, is broadcasted and watched throughout the Districts.

It is a depiction on how media manipulates the behavior of the people by packaging a brand essence of a certain star or how a product is advertised to trigger the market to buy the brand. Katniss and Peeta are forced to convince the people that they are madly in love, engaged and to be married otherwise they suffer consequences.

It is a portrayal of the rift between the rich and the poor. How the rich lords over the less unfortunate. People in the Capitol are decadent, feast on good and plentiful food and wear fashionable garbs.

It is a depiction of how past and present production lines are structured to support the seat of power with the 13 Districts having individual expertise to supply the demands of the Capitol.

It shows the struggle between the powerful and the powerless. The Game itself is a brute show of power by the powerful by forcing the powerless to kill each other…

It is in this struggle that the plot of the film revolves around. A Revolution is catching fire triggered by the defiance of Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games. The people are rebelling the abuse of power by the Authorities. Science and technology are misused by the people in power to oppress the powerless majority. But hope springs in the 13th district where Katniss is heading. The Quell foreshadowed the eventual triumph of good over evil through the alliance of the rebels. It is through interdependence and human compassion that will ensure the success of science and technology and the continuing existence of society.

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