Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper
The Fly

The film was boring on most parts, funny on some scenes without intending to and strangely terrifying on few parts. It is understandingly so because it’s not at par with current cinematic standards in terms of film technology and acting styles.

But it is most interesting in the questions it posit…

How far can science tinker with nature?
How far can scientists push the ethical line?

It is interesting because the question it asks raises more questions…
What are the ethical limits in conducting scientific experiments? What moral boundaries science has to skirt in advancing technology? This was the seminal years of modern technology and current technological advances were just science fiction then.  Transporting to the moon was just a dream…

Yet, same questions are raised today.

How far can science really meddle with nature and advance its technology? Is it acceptable to genetically change a plant for more yield and farm efficiency, therefore produce more food for far more people for a lot less work but in the process, produce other problems? Is it reasonable to change the shape of a fruit for more efficient packaging, storage and transporting?

Such ethical dilemmas are more heated when science directly involves human life, born or unborn…

Such was the moral dilemma of the wife of the scientist. Did she kill her husband given the circumstances, or an insect?

Because ethical and moral values are malleable through time and differs across cultural and religious boundaries, the debate will certainly go on and on…

But despite the debate, science should always serve the betterment of current dispensations, upgrade the quality of life of each society and advance the continuing survival of the human race…

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