Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Catching Fire Reaction Paper

   The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film is based on the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire.

                Catching Fire is a science fiction film because in the present there is still no such advance technology that they are using in Panem especially in the Hunger Games arena. They use force fields, advance hovercrafts, very high speed trains, which they use to ship their goods and materials and as transportation of Capitol officials, holograms, solar batteries and magnetic levitation. The Capitol also uses devices to track the activities of the people in every district.

                The film is commentary on the present and on the future human society. It is commentary on the present because as we can see nowadays there are people on top who lead the people but always ending up controlling the society and the people. They are just like president Snow who wants full control in Panem. Also, like the people in the capitol, many people nowadays are using their moneys on useless things. They haven’t even tried to donate some of their moneys for the less fortunate ones even if they know that those people are suffering of hunger. The film is also commentary on the future because there are so many people nowadays who want full control on the places that they are currently in. They are willing to use force and they are willing to kill people just to have that full control. If those people will continue doing those unethical things, many places will end up like the 13 districts in Panem.

Science and Technolgy failed in the world of the 13 districts because Science and Technology failed in serving its purpose, to help the people in making their everyday works easier and make their lives better.

All in all, the film is still a very interesting and good film. It makes the viewers want to watch it again and again.

Lyka B. Ebreo

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