Friday, 29 November 2013

The Strong and The Weak (Reaction to Catching Fire)

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper                                                                                             
Catching Fire

                Set in a fictional world showing possible technology that may be used in our future and depicting themes from our history, Catching Fire portrays conflicting aspects of the past, present and upcoming times of our world. The movie is a science fiction because many of the technology presented in the story are advanced and revolutionary. The use of the arena, for example, needed space-age technology such as holograms, force fields, high-tech aircrafts, large capacity screens, weather-control machines and other mechanisms. Such innovations are not yet feasible in the present time but could become technologies of our future.
                The events that took place in the movie are parallel to some of the events that occurred in our past and those that are happening in the present. The “capitol” could be compared to the colonizers of ancient times who conquer different tribes and claim their resources for their own. Once these colonizers have captured these tribes, the tribes’ constituents’ social status is lowered, thus making the members of the “capitol” superior to them. The rebellions of the different districts can be compared to a time in the past when the people, for example, of the Philippines have opened their eyes to the harsh realities imposed upon by the Spanish conquistadors. The harsh punishments inflicted on the thirteen districts represent as well the punishments placed upon the persecuted members of the past societies.
                The social stratification, which includes the laborers, soldiers and members of the capitol closely depict our present social classes, revealing distribution of wealth among the powerful. The government can also be compared to present government structures. A president (President Snow) rules as the leader.

                Aside from these, an important reality regarding the social stratification truthfully portrays our present society- the rich hoard and waste resources (such as the food in the victor’s party) while the poor, especially those in the rural regions, starve and sell what they can or what little they have in order to survive.

                The events that unfolded in the movie may also represent our distant future- a society succumbed to technology’s power to suppress the weak and uphold the strong. It is also possible that we develop the aforementioned technology portrayed in the movie.   

                Science and technology as a whole succeeded in the thirteen districts, in a sense that they served their purpose. However, the society failed because they did not see the practicality in their technologies, such as the use of the arena, and did not put them to advantageous uses- wasting their resources on games and extravagance. They sacrifice human resources, making it a basis for so-called peace and balance. Technology that is not shared can be a cause for society to be unpreserved.

Source: Catching Fire 

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