Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Reaction on GdaysX (Cortado, Kyle Jude)

Cortado, Kyle Jude M.

          As I slowly entered the place, I could feel the presence of a huge crowd eagerly waiting for the event to commence. And there it was – already seated are, I think, hundreds of people listening to what is being currently discussed. I immediately sat to catch up on what it seems to be a topic of my interest.
          Mainly, of course, the topic is about advertising the advantages of the internet specifically Google’s features (Must be the explanation of “G” from the name “GdaysX”).
          The initial topic was about the Digital Collaboration/Google Drive which was delivered by Therence John Resabal. It has beneficial features on its easy access of uploading and sharing files to others and also others uploading and sharing to us. It appears to that we are all helping each other online as we provide what one lacks. What makes it so convenient is not only because of its simplicity, but also because how fast it responds.
          The woman named Trixie Canivel delivered her topic something about “Youtube-ing.” For the years I have been visiting youtube, though I don’t have an account, I do see the changes they have done for benefit of advertisements. It’s not just simply a site for people to upload there videos and receive feedbacks but the site serves as a way of products to connect with consumers. Today, I see these changes evident on every single video I click. There would always be a commercial for any product on shampoos soaps, and other commodities. This feature would likely interest business men to venture in Youtube to advertise their own business.
          The new third topic about Podcasting and Blogging was delivered by Kring Elenzano. The only difference between the two was that Podcasting is like blogging in the form of sound.
          The few things I took note of was her introduction of her two site blogs: and she cited that these blog of hers can be used for sharing something deep or personal (appears like a diary) and something that is business-related.

          At the end of the talks, I had insights about not only Google but the internet world as a whole. The internet is so beneficial for school and business but its not of course limited to that. Simply, let’s just say that it’s the fastest way to connect people and make life convenient. 

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