Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper
Focus on the user and all else will follow

This is the business strategy of Google. And I think the driving force of any innovation in science and technology. Science and technology should address the needs and wants of humanity, the people who are the end user of what science and technology has to offer.


With the user as the focus, with its changing ways of using tools and consuming information in its daily needs and wants through time, science and technology adapts. It offers new tools and makes existing ones faster, more powerful and more efficient.


Through science and technology, the user changed on how it shares ideas, information and experiences with much more people around the world. Geographical limitations dissolved and sharing became instant. Science and technology brought people closer, wherever they are in a given moment.


New technology empowers users, collaborators, to solve problems, innovate and create in any place in the world, at any time and with any device. Working together is on a new level, rendering the physical workplace or office somewhat irrelevant.


Tools like youtube and blog help to grow brands in an entrepreneurial perspective. These tools can inform the target market about the brand, showcase the product or service, build the brand and develop a relationship with the market. But these tools are not just significant for selling a product or service. For the same reasons that these tools can build a brand, they can build better global communities and make these communities grow together through education, engagement and collaboration.

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