Wednesday, 27 November 2013

GDaysX Manila 2013 @ Xavier School.

Allanigue, Eric John V.

Before I start, I would like to congratulate the Google Business Group-San Juan and all the other GBG communities who have participated in the event. Kudos to you!
The stage is set for this year's GDaysX Philippines! 
As I entered the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Hall at Xavier, there were many people, coming from different kinds of professions. There were businessmen, entrepreneurs, and students, like myself. As I was given a name tag, I wondered what kind of speakers would talk today. What are they going to talk about? Well, they have spoken one thing in common: everything was all about COLLABORATION. Of course with the help of the Google applications mentioned, you can work efficiently. 

We were only asked to attend three talks, but then I decided to finish the event. Upon seeing the program, there were several things that lingered my attention, and I would like to talk about two. The topics were "Communities and Crises: Disaster Rescue, Relief & Reconstruction through Technology..." and "Google for Education."

I. Communities and Crises: Disaster Rescue, Relief & Reconstruction through Technology 
Ma'am Aileen Apolo of GBG Makati, talking about how
she and her team have been in service during
times of calamities.
In a country like the Philippines, natural calamities are not new, but day by day, being the picture of the norm. And technology is a great help, especially for those who are prone to this disasters. Here are some of the applications which are made available during times of distress:
    1. Google Public Alerts
    2. Google Crisis Maps
    3. Google Person Finder
Who knew these resources are out there? Honestly, I haven't heard of it before the seminar. But it made me realize, that we should be aware of these technological advancements and use them to avoid so much casualty. I found out, that in a way, we could help during these times by mapping out relief centers, and the like, that would be really be helpful.

TRIVIA: The people behind Google Maps/Google Earth are all volunteers! So next time you look for a certain place, thank the person who have done their efforts to put that place in the map. :)

II. Google for Education
In the new K-12 curriculum of the Department of Education, a step ahead would be of great help. Sir Jerome Locson showed the projects of Google for Education. The one that amazed me was the Google Glass, where one teacher had taken his glass for a field trip to CERN. It was just surreal. But as you can see, it can take education to a whole new level. 

This was the video used by Sir Jerome to present the Google Glass.

After the seminar, all I can say is, thank you Google for making our life easier (by these applications!). I will try to make these new innovations to its maximum potential, to help others. 

1. GDaysX Manila Program (sent via email)
2. Google Glass Channel, YouTube


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    1. My favorite session was regarding "Community and Crises," because the speakers had shown the potential of the Google apps to be of service during the times of distress and calamities.