Wednesday, 27 November 2013

From Google to User (Reaction to GDaysX Manila)

Darwin R. Del Rosario
Mr. Sonido, E.

Reaction Paper                                                                                                       

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                Adaptation and evolution are two key concepts that Google has manifested in its technology that is geared towards more efficient means of communication and collaboration.  

                Adaptation is seen by Google’s rise of new technological advancements such as Google Places, Google Analytics, Crisis Mapping and the Google drive in order to cope to the user’s need to share and upload files and other information more easily. With the users’ growing need to connect and find more efficient ways to bind ideas, Google responded to this need and provided a place for the users to convene and express themselves freely.

                Evolution is another key concept that Google has embodied. Not only has Google provided more products and services by answering the needs of its users, but has also developed faster and more efficient services. Attachments became a thing of the past with the Google drive. A simple click can store files much faster and easier than having to send files through attachments. Businesses can now be promoted online though videos and blogs. Information regarding relief operations and rescue efforts were made more accessible with the onset of typhoon Yolanda.

                Such are what Google does to ensure its users remain loyal- adapt and evolve.

                The users are, after all, the priority of Google.
Several of Google tools/enterprise the users can utilize

                GDaysX Manila was a good venue for businessmen, students and other career-oriented people to learn about the possible ways to utilize the internet for sharing information necessary for work and boosting, if applicable, the business. The three sessions I attended focused on the business side of Google (Keynote, Google for Entrepreneurs and the Google Drive). 

                It teaches as well a unique business strategy focused on the user and the idea of collaboration. Many of the things I learned from the program were the tools that Google implements. They are very easy to use and manage. As a student, I can use these tools for my studies and apply them for collaborative work.

                The speakers were very friendly and had a very positive outlook towards the progress of Google as a whole. They stayed true to their word, using only and demonstrating the use of their own products and services. I particularly enjoyed the use of the Google docs. Although I am familiar with this tool, it enlightens me that the entire audience is able to participate through the use of the internet.

                For the business people and those working in the office, Hangouts seems like a fun and fresh way to share ideas. Although I have not tried it personally, this technology is very promising. It removes the need of transportation and a place to meet because a group of people can simply connect in the comforts of their homes.

                Google is becoming a vast source of accessible information beyond the use of it as a search engine. It is set of tools continually adapting to meet its user’s demands and constantly evolving as the developers are able to create more efficient ways to use their products and services. Its colorful theme simply denotes its colorful future.

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